Thank you for the chance to showcase some of the work we’ve produced over the years. While this is just a sampling, we believe it presents the array you request. All images, when clicked, will give you an enlarged version.

Large (7 x 5 feet) Inspirational wall art

This came from a jewelry manufacturer on 47th Street (Diamond District). It was a wall-mounted tribute to their corporate values.

Logo – gourmet brownie

During the initial discovery, the client kept referencing Tiffany’s with respect to product quality – hence the blue…he loved it!

Logo – audio company

Audio company that was looking for something kinda classic-retro-sorta hip-sorta now.

Print Ad with Vendor Coupon

One of many print ads for World Finer Foods.

series of Promotional pieces

Client was looking for practical ways to keep their name in from of their clients

Print Ad with Vendor Coupon

What was fun about this was we always had Jane’s in the house when I was a kid.

Logo – Financial auditing group

Client (tri-lingual) wanted a look that combined a sense of ‘classic-ness’, mixed with an international flavor for his financial auditing business.

Promotional Poster – chiropractor

One of a series of posters – 11 x 17 inches. Others focused on the foot needs of police officers, fire fighters, subway workers.

Tri-Fold Brochure

Outside of a series of tri-folds for branded information (8.5 x 11).

Tri-Fold Brochure

Inside of above tri-fold.

Hand Bill -Chiropractor

One of a series of 8.5 x 5.5 hand-out cards.

Logo -Business Consultant

Colloquy helps business owners clarify the complex preparation required to sell their company. The goal – business-y but not corporate, accessible & optimistic.

The stand-alone ‘Q’ serves not only as the site’s favicon but also insight as to strategy.

Neck Hanger – french wine vinegar

This is ‘neck hanger’ – designed to be folded into a six sided promotional/incentive piece that hung around the neck of their new Wine Vinegars. This was an interesting project…never did something like that before.

Hotel Key-Card

This is a hotel key-card (front & back) that was sponsored by both Reese Foods and DaVinci Pasta.

Print ad with vendor coupon

Anyone for Oatmeal – on sale?

Logo – fine artist

Pat is a fine art painter and a Resident Member of Salmagundi Art Club in Manhattan. The goal – simple, clean, sophisticated, playful.

Feature Film Poster

I’m super proud of this piece for many reasons! This was the theater poster for my movie, The Networker, which I: co-wrote, co-produced, did the graphics and web site, drove talent to and from airports, drove U-Hauls full of equipment and acted as cast shrink for a feature film that actually made it into distribution (do a search on Amazon)!

B2B Brochure

This was actually a multi-page business to business (B2B) brochure. One of my teammates did the product photography, another wrote the copy and I designed the brochure and created the mechanicals that went to the printer.

B2B Brochure

A second campaign by Bindi that focused on their single serving Glass Collection. Again, the look was clean and yummy!

B2B Window cling

This was a window cling to inform clientele that Bindi products were served.

Logo – boutique law firm

LiefParke is a law firm specializing in intellectual property. Simple and clean were the orders of the day. They came to me wanting green and orange. The best way to discourage bad design is to give them what they ask. They agreed with me that a softer black would be more appropriate.

Print Piece with Recipe

Another of many print pieces I did for the products of World Finer Foods. This series included a recipe on the front with cooking instructions on the back.

Print ad with vendor coupon

And another WorldFiner Foods ad. You can see there is a format required of the ads.

Print ad with vendor coupon

Yet another for World Finer Foods.

Promotional Banner

Promotional banner (50 x 30 inches) for The Ribaudo Group – a marketing, branding & advertising agency devoted to the food & beverage industry.

Print Piece with recipe

Print piece for the Master Choice brand. The challenge here was fitting in all the ‘must-haves’, including a recipe.

Promotional piece

Valentine promo piece for the Rock Candy Company.

Logo – private school

Logo for Brooklyn-based private school. The ‘must-haves’ included an ‘aspirational Brooklyn’ reference while respecting the dignity of the academy.

Crest – private school

Crest for the same school. Fun project, fun client!

Logo – Networking group

Ethics & Excellence in Networking, a Manhattan-based networking group was long for a strong, sleek look. They went with this look for its bold, straight lines – a nod to their credo as a group of straight shooters.

Print ad with vendor coupon

Who doesn’t love a good cracker?

Logo – Bookkeeper

Client is a bookkeeper and wanted to project a cool, slightly playful look to differentiate himself from the competition.